Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship Recipients
First time recipients receive $1500 for the 2018/19 school year. Previous recipients will receive $1750.
2 awards are given for $2000 each.

Aaron Manning Johnson University Tennessee Brazil First CC – World Mission Endowment
Abigail Bishop Ozark Christian College Richard D.  & Geneva Cobb Endowment
Charles & Marjorie Miller Endowment
Alex Carrow Central Christian College of the Bible Helen Lucille Lewellyn Mem. Scholarship
Alexia Voyles Ozark Christian College Mt. Gilead Church Scholarship
Becca Adams Lincoln Christian University Norman J. & Betty J. LaFoe Endowment
Bekah Owsley Johnson University Tennessee Francis I. Tolan Memorial Scholarship
Brad Campbell Johnson University Tennessee Glenn H. Bourne Endowment
Lindley Family Endowment
Brie Champ Johnson University Tennessee Open Door Class Scholarship
Camden Radecki Lincoln Christian University Lincoln Christian University Endowment
Roy G. True Endowment
Christopher Mitchell Cincinnati Christian University Francis I. Tolan Memorial Scholarship
Collin Patterson Cincinnati Christian University Joanne Glidden Endowment
John D. Watson Memorial Endowment
Emalea Nall Lincoln Christian University James V. Hession Endowment
Gabe Schaffer Ozark Christian College Kenneth Starkey Endowment
Greg Edens Cincinnati Christian University Bill Duncan Graduate Endowment
Griffin Swihart Johnson University Tennessee Emil H. & Genevieve Hoppmann Endowment
IN Christian Men’s Fellowship Endowment
Jacob Bergman Lincoln Christian University Lillie Grace Vanderfleet Endowment
Jerod Glasford Cincinnati Christian University Dr. James Scott Memorial Endowment
Evelyn Watson Memorial Endowment
Kameron Moorman Johnson University Tennessee Kenneth Starkey Endowment
Keaton Radecki Cincinnati Christian University Ross Pepper III Endowments
Gene & Elinor McElroy Endowment
Levi Hummel Central Christian College of the Bible Warren & Donna Mason Endowment
Donna P. Mason Endowment
Lillian Shields Johnson University Florida Johnson University Endowments
Johnson University Florida Endowment
Mallory Fehl Milligan College Milligan College Endowment
Derek & Mary Ann Wallace Endowment
Mark Hudelson Johnson University Tennessee Hazel Dell CC Endowments
Amy Sloan-Brady Lane CoC Endowment
Melissa Lemke Johnson University Tennessee Open Door Class SH Scholarship
Nick Ridenour Johnson University Tennessee Norma T. Read Endowment
Gladys E. Read Endowment
Niklaus Naekel Johnson University Tennessee Clyde Bymaster Endowment
Patrick McMillan Lincoln Christian University Hetrick Family Scholarship
Sara Martin Johnson University Tennessee Richard J. Yeaton Endowment
Earl Slaughter Endowment
Seth Webster Lincoln Christian University Bill Duncan Memorial Endowment
Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Duncan Memorial Endowment
Shaye Martin Johnson University Tennessee New Lisbon Christian Church Scholarship
Spencer Redmon Ozark Christian College Bill C. Duncan Endowment
Tori Overfelt Johnson University Tennessee Mary F. Duncan Memorial Endowments
Will Wright Johnson University Tennessee Chester & Mildred Weatherly Endowment
Ruth Anne Yoakam Memorial Endowment



Congratulations to our 2018 Outstanding Christian Students
these are high school juniors who have been nominated by their ministers and youth leaders as exhibiting exemplary characteristics in character, leadership, and spiritual maturity.

Brownstown Christian Church –  Brownstown, IN
Robbie Branaman
Ethan Carlin
Bradyn Fish
Kimmie Griffin
Maddie Huber
Audrianna McKinney
Aeriel Morrow
Derrick Prewitt
Noah Sarver

First Church of Christ – Garrett, IN
Joshua Donat
Alissa Schott

Lebanon Christian Church – Lebanon, IN
Alyna Sell
Caitlin Smith
Garrett Unger

New Testament Church of Christ – Hagerstown, IN
Wyatt Wesley

Plainfield Christian Church – Plainfield, IN
Randy Craig
Kathryn Frye
Lindy Ruth Rader
Raven Rico
Rachael Snider
Lauren Taylor

Rockville Christian Church – Rockville, IN
Jack Gooch

West Walnut Church of Christ – Portland, IN
Joseph Hilty
Tayler Smeltzer